The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Equilibrated Structure

2020.07.20 – Lecture 4

Gaudí’s study of equilibrated structures in graphic statics and estereostatic model, discovering gravitational catenary curvatures and resultant inclined supports.

Equilibrated Structure, a construct in a state of balance (Montserrat)

Sagrada Familia equilibrated structure study (watercolor wash, Antoni Gaudí)

Colònia Güell Church equilibrated structure study (watercolor over photograph of estereostàtic model, Antoni Gaudí)

Worker bees linked together by legs forming a hanging chain to build a honeycomb (Bees, Francesc Gaudí, 1870)

Cotton Bleaching Facility with short timbers linked together by bolts to form a hanging catenary curve (Mataró Workers Cooperative, Antoni Gaudí, 1883)

Bodegas Güell catenary curve hanging chain gate and inverted brick arch (Antoni Gaudí, 1895-99)

Casa Calvet inverted catenary curve staircase arches derived from hanging chain by escaleristas (Antoni Gaudí, 1898-1900)

Estereostàtic model of hanging threads weighted to derive inclined supports (Antoni Gaudí, 1898-1908)

Cast-iron columns substituting oblique for vertical resistance (Lecture 12, Viollet-le-Duc, 1863)

Park Güell warped inverted catenary curve colonnade arch with inclined supports (Antoni Gaudí, 1900-03)

Colònia Güell Crypt inverted catenary curve arches with inclined supports (Antoni Gaudí, 1908-14)

Sagrada Família inverted catenary curve vaults with inclined supports (Antoni Gaudí, 1922)

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