Case Study: Villa Vuoto

After moving from Los Angeles, Julianne & Matthew Schlueb wanted to create a home to peak the curiosity of their two sons, open their eyes and exploring minds to new experiences, modeled on Julianne’s Italian ancestry and Matthew’s German propensity for creative thinking.


Villa Vuoto was an opportunity to question the conventions of building practices, adopting those that inherently make sense, while exploring new ways of doing things that have historically lost their meaningfulness.

Rooms were rounded, walls sloped in and out, heightening sensibilities to subtleties only revealed by a careful handling of soft, curvilinear, textural form.

“It seems that round space suits the human body and soul better, nearly the same way a drawing expresses an idea more intuitively than words.”
– Matthew Schlueb

Although the house is a continuing experiment on living within circular space, Villa Vuoto has already gained quite a bit of attention within the architectural community, receiving both praise and awards locally, nationally and internationally.

Julianne & Matthew regularly open their home to students from kindergarteners to university graduates, to inspire and raise awareness of the endless possibilities in design. For a personal visit, contact Matthew, he welcomes your interest.