Design Links

A listing of useful links Matthew maintains for reference during the home construction process. Contact him with anything you can’t locate, he is happy to help.

Building Codes and Reference Materials:
International Residential Code  (2012)
International Residential Code  (2009)
Allegheny County Real Estate Assessments
Allegheny County Topography Maps
Journal of Light Construction
NOAA GOES-13 SXI Telescope

Building Officials and Permit Applications:
Bradford Woods  (Alfred Akner)
Cranberry Township  (Jeffrey Musher)
Fox Chapel  (Robert Smith)
Franklin Park  (Timothy Phillips)
Marshall Township  (Phillip MacMillan)
McCandless Township  (Jeff Frazier)
Pine Township  (Pam Alikhani)
Pittsburgh  (Daniel Feeney)
Richland Township  (Jeff Walzer)
Sewickley  (Nancy Watts)
Sewickley Heights  (Denis Ranalli)

Construction Apps and Design Programs:
Construction Master Pro  (Feet/Inches Calculator)
Smart Measure  (Distance Range-Finder)
RoomScan Pro (Existing Floor Plan Generator)
Wood Beam Pro (Sizing Calculator)
One Page Calculations (Structural Design)
Speck (CMU Create Lab Indoor Air Quality Monitor)
Project Color  (VR Visualizer)
Houzz  (Ideabook Organizer)
Dollar Street (World Houses Visualizer)
SunCal  (Solar Angle Calculator)
Google Earth  (Topography Modeling)
Lego Digital Designer  (Building Software)
Minecraft  (Building Software)
SketchBook  (2D Drawing Software)
AutoSketch  (2D Drafting Software)
TiltBrush  (3D Drawing Software)
SketchUp  (3D Modeling Software)
Google Cardboard  (Virtual Reality Viewer)
VIVE  (Virtual Reality Viewer)
Kubity  (Virtual Reality Software)
REScheck Web  (Energy Code Compliance)

Matthew’s Music Playlist while Designing and Drafting: