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SCHLUEB architecture was founded by Matthew Schlueb in the Spring of 2000.  Structured as a small boutique practice, every call, email, text is handled by him personally.  So every question benefits from his seasoned, industry experience specializing exclusively in residential design from New York to Los Angeles.

A true concierge architect, Matthew will guide you through the home construction maze of selections and latest product offerings.  He will introduce you to his trusted network of the most talented artisans and suppliers anywhere, infusing their craft into a signature look for your home.

“A home is the most intimate of any space and therefore its design must be handled with great care, in every nuance.”
– Matthew Schlueb

Clients are often surprised how quickly Matthew is able to capture their wishes in a design. He credits this to his keen listening skills, excessive note taking and an intuitive understanding of their desires. His end goal is homeowner satisfaction and to achieve this, he offers unlimited design revisions, throughout the process, until the house is done.

Furthermore, Matthew extends this philosophy to his fee.  Where most architects base fees on a percentage of the construction cost (6% to 12% as the industry standard), he uses an all-inclusive, fixed fee.  Without limits on the number of meetings, phone calls, emails, texts, …  his fee structure encourages communication, to reduce misunderstandings and ultimately avoid regrets.

So, wether you are planning a new house from the ground up or just updating a kitchen, contact Matthew for a complimentary Conceptual Design, to see for yourself what his creativity can offer your own home.