What makes a space memorable?

…details noticed

…from daily contact.

Braiding sweetgrass or cutting a tree with a two-man saw, a rhythm sets in, an exchange, flow, creating a bond, understanding, relationship, pairing two as one.  Going forward, acts, changes, experiences by one will inherently affect the other, a symbiosis, tensile, reciprocity has been established.

Either passive or active in nature, yin or yang, the current, ch’i, energizes the space between, seeking balance, resonance, settling in without doing, wu wei.

Here a place becomes meaningful, memorable, comfortable, the feel of being tucked inside the womb, mother nature, the eternal return to our common origin, tao.  This is the source of memory, an architecture, morphology, forms and the proxemic relations between their structures, to facilitate a sharing, habitation, growth.