Villa Vuoto – a manifesto

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Villa Vuoto – a manifesto
Spring Semester 2024

Matthew Schlueb presents his manifesto – Villa Vuoto, expanding on a lecture presented in 2016, this six part course will explore in more depth his practice in residential architecture through the example of his own house, designed and built two decades ago.  Beginning with his studies at Ohio State University and graduate thesis work at Pratt Institute, researching the proxemic relationships between form and sense of place, the second lecture will survey his manifesto publication in written form from 2008, followed by subsequent lectures on his creative design process through models and drawings, his innovations in construction, and his house Villa Vuoto as a case study and laboratory for pushing architecture forward.  Finally, the last lecture will highlight his most recent findings, from an addition completed in the Spring of 2024, as a model for the future of human habitation within the natural wilderness.

Course Syllabus

Lecture 1:  Ohio State University / Pratt Institute

Lecture 2:  Manifesto Publication

Lecture 3:  Creative Process through Models / Drawings

Lecture 4:  Construction Innovations

Lecture 5:  Villa Vuoto Case Study / Laboratory

Lecture 6:  Addition Findings