The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Surface Ornament

2020.07.06  –  Lecture 2

Gaudí’s experimentations with surface ornament and innovations repurposing discarded industrial materials, layering eclectic exotic mix of materials and textures, restoring handmade methods and Catalan culture.

Latrines Pavilion with surface ornament on rooftop ventilator (Mataró Workers Cooperative, Gaudí, 1883)

Casa Vicens with single custom marigold rotational production tile mosaics (Gaudí, 1883-88)

El Capricho with pair of custom sunflower and leaf dimensional production tile mosaics (Gaudí, 1883-85)

Finca Güell Dragon Gate & Horse Stables with trencadís tile decorative infill (Gaudí, 1884-87)

Palau Güell with discarded trencadís mosaics decorative rooftop ventilator (Gaudí, 1885-88)

Bellesguard with plaster half-mold cast dimensional trencadís mosaics (Gaudí, 1900-09)

Park Güell Viaduct Arcade with dimensional in-situ rusticated stone mosaics (Gaudí, 1900-03)

Park Güell Gatehouses with trencadís assemblage mosaics (Gaudí, 1900-03)

Casa Batlló with trencadís glass mosaics (Gaudí, 1904-06)

Park Güell Hypostyle Hall with trencadís mosaics by Josep Maria Jujol (Gaudí, 1906-09)

Casa Milà with monochromatic trencadís mosaics (Gaudí, 1906-10)

Colònia Güell Crypt with St. Andrew Cross cut terracotta brick mosaics (Gaudí, 1908-14)

Park Güell Serpentine Bench with trencadís mosaics by the handful (Gaudí, 1910-14)

Sagrada Família Bell Tower Pinnacles with Venetian glass trencadís mosaics over terracotta brick structure (Gaudí, 1923-25)

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