The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Parabolic Arc

2020.06.29  –  Lecture 1

Influence of Gaudí’s childhood and education on his association with the Mataró Workers Cooperative and patron industrialist Eusebi Güell, which established the foundation/tableau in his search for a Living Architecture, to create plasticity in traditional Catalan brickwork.

Cotton Bleaching Facility with bolted segmented parabolic arc (Mataró Workers Cooperative, Gaudí, 1883)

Bronze Bee Standard (Mataró Workers Cooperative, Gaudí, 1884)

Finca Güell Horse Stables with terracotta structural brick parabolic arc (Gaudí, 1884)

Palau Güell with honeycomb tiles decorating cúpula parabòlica (Gaudí, 1885)

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