The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Natural Form

2020.07.13  –  Lecture 3

Gaudí’s study of natural form in flora and fauna, capturing gesture in the human body by modeling plaster casts of the anatomic skeletal frame, in developing sculptural figures articulating depth of visual perspective.

Santa Maria del Mar with church cast in stones carried by the hands and funds of the community (Berenguer de Montagut, 1329-1383)

Alhambra with corbelled scallop relief decoration cast in plaster by Gaudí in 1887  (Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar, 889-1492)

Astorga Cathedral Retablo with polychromatic painted carved marble high relief figures drawn from anatomic dissection studies (Gaspar Becerra, 1558)

Sagrada Familia Nativity Façade with natural form transposed directly senza armatura from colades de guix capturing living gesture (Gaudí, 1892-1910)

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