The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Illuminated Space

2020.07.27 – Lecture 5

Gaudí’s study of color and light in the ceramics and hyperboloid window stained glass.

Casa Vicens chiaroscuro contrast of light and
shadow (Antoni Gaudí, 1883-88)

El Capricho dimensional form casting shadow in light with shade gradations (Antoni Gaudí, 1883-85)

Finca Güell nuanced renderings of varied materials and textures (Antoni Gaudí, 1884-85)

Palau Güell layering fenestration and envelop filtering light (Antoni Gaudí, 1885-88)

Santa Teresa Convent repetitive light and dark rhythms (Antoni Gaudí, 1888-90)

Park Güell play of light incidences scattering off fragmented facets (Antoni Gaudí, 1900-03)

Mallorca Cathedral Restoration stained glass three color process blending into infinite hues (Antoni Gaudí, 1902-14)

Casa Batlló reflectivity and brightening hue of ceramic tiles drawing light downward (Antoni Gaudí, 1904-06)

Casa Milà complimentary projections and recesses (Antoni Gaudí, 1906-10)

Colònia Güell Crypt concentrations of form modulating light within density of space (Antoni Gaudí, 1908-14)

Sagrada Família hyperboloids dispersing and softening light, creating an intimacy of subdued space (Antoni Gaudí, 1914-18)

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