The Architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Fluid Plasticity

2020.08.03 – Lecture 6

Gaudí’s warped form distortions weighted by metaphor, achieving compositional stability in convex inversions, realizing completely liberated living form.

Sagrada Família Nativity Façade study of natural form, seeking dynamic rhythms implying movement, in the search for a Living Architecture (Antoni Gaudí, 1892-1910)

Casa Calvet baroque curvatures on the façade foreshadowing the sinuous undulations to evolve (Antoni Gaudí, 1898-1900)

Estereostàtic model natural gravitation of catenary curvature deformed by weighted points resulting in inclined props (Antoni Gaudí, 1898-1908)

Park Güell Viaduct Colonnade inclined supports deforming inclined vault (Antoni Gaudí, 1900-03)

Miralles Gate natural line drawn by the free hand deforming the straight edge ruled line (Antoni Gaudí, 1901-02)

Mallorca Cathedral Restoration gospel pulpit canopy parabolic curvature deforming sound and light (Antoni Gaudí, 1902-14)

Park Güell Gatehouses hyperbolic paraboloid roofs deforming structure and metaphor (Antoni Gaudí, 1900-03)

Casa Batlló material tectonics of roof deformed by the weight of St. George’s dragon (Antoni Gaudí, 1904-06)

Casa Milà  short linear convex vaults deformed by varying parabolic arches in repetition (Antoni Gaudí, 1906-10)

Sagrada Família Schools undulating concave and convex vaults warped by inverted sinuous supports (Antoni Gaudí, 1909)

Colònia Güell Crypt long planar convex vaults deforming perceived sensations (Antoni Gaudí, 1910-14)

Sagrada Família undulating concave and convex vaults deformed by voided corners (Antoni Gaudí, 1922)

Sagrada Família Bell Tower Pinnacles ruled geometry liberated by the free hand into a living architectural form – spiritual ventilators (Antoni Gaudí, 1923-25)

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