Schlueb Architecture celebrates 2nd anniversary of carbon neutral practice

Schlueb Architecture has been providing 100% carbon free architectural services since June 2019.  Partnering with Clean Choice Energy and North Allegheny Wind Farm, every kilowatt of electricity used creating designs, running VR simulations, sending emails is provided by clean, renewable solar and wind power generation.  On our second anniversary of carbon neutrality, Schlueb Architecture has been able to avoid 20,000 pounds of carbon pollution.

Schlueb Architecture’s commitment toward a healthier planet is not limited to clean energy, we have also adopted a paperless practice by creating and communicating architectural designs electronically and virtually since June 2017.  When hardcopy paper prints are required for submittals, sealed with an architectural stamp and signature, only 100% post-consumer recycled paper is used.

With all of these technological efforts, architectural space remains a three-dimensional medium, that is designed and visualized best with physical models.  Schlueb Architecture’s practice continues this time honored tradition modeling form, by using only 100% post-consumer recycled chipboard materials.  Further, by using renewable energy and partnering with when researching architectural products online, Schlueb Architecture has been able to plant 300 trees to offset our paper and chipboard usage.

Schlueb Architecture will continue to pioneer new methods for delivering homes with zero footprint on the environment, starting with our very first sketch.  Contact Matthew for help with making your home sustainable.

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