Pittsburgh’s First Residential Architect Offering AR and VR Design Experiences

Matthew Schlueb continues to revolutionize the architectural design process as Pittsburgh’s first Residential Architect offering Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences to fully visualize the designs for your home.

Utilizing state-of-the-art digital freehand and modeling software, Matthew is able to craft architectural form in three-dimensional curvilinear space, freed from the limitations of traditional rectilinear CAD software.

Matthew uses virtual models to create Augmented Realities for homeowners to overlay designs within their existing house, to see in real time how renovations will change their home after construction.

Virtual models are also used to create Virtual Reality environments for homeowners to inhabit and interact with using their mobile device in a headset, offering complete immersion for walking through, looking around, interacting with their new home design.

This technology, like never before, lets homeowners know how their future home will look and feel, the proportions of each space, the arrangement and placement of every architectural element, avoiding unexpected surprises during construction.

Sample of a Virtual Model

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