Architectural Storytelling

While reading a book, Matthew had an idea related to a construction technique invented by Filippo Brunelleschi – Senza Armatura, whereby a corbelled dome is built without the temporary scaffolding traditionally used.


Recalling a chapter in his manifesto, on the disconnect that occurs by our separation from the outside world, living inside houses within walls –  Matthew wondered, Could architecture be used not as an armature, but without armature, dealing with the material directly as Filippo did on the Duomo?


Then it came to him – storytelling.  It is a technique as old as time, from the very beginning humans have used stories to pass along important lessons through visual imagery that is both compelling and memorable.


And so, the Architectural Storytelling initiative was born.  Telling stories from an architectural perspective, to understand the human side of inhabited space, to develop more meaningful design, that houses may become homes once again.