Superior Interiors Design Awards

Winner – Interior Design: Singular Residential Space
(Pittsburgh Magazine, March 2008)

The Master Bathroom of Villa Vuoto received a first place award in Pittsburgh Magazine’s annual home design competition, selected to be featured on the magazine’s cover.  The circular design of the room and the way the room’s elements flow together were the first things that caught the judge’s attention.

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“It’s not a box.  The fluidity of the floor plan and tile surfaces is exciting. The architect has made a real attempt to create a whole experience.  It’s very dynamic, not at all static.” – Jury Member

Architect/General Contractor: SCHLUEBarchitecture
Mosaic Tile: Magnificent Manufacturing, Inc.
Venetian Plaster: Steel City Plastering, supplied by Exterior Products of Pittsburgh
Cabinetry/Built-ins: Matthew Schlueb
Hardware: Hand-made glass pulls by Daneal Ferraro
Hanging Glass Shower Curtain: Glass plates supplied by Target
Plumbing Fixtures: Hansgrohe supplied by SPLASH Luxury Home Collection
Lighting: Hand-blown glass pendants by Doug Hansel